The standard alarm clock is neither location aware nor provides a simple snooze function. To not just have another fancy application on the mobile. Tasker can be used for this. By reading through this example you even have the opportunity to learn a german word: "Wecker" means alarm clock ;-)

List of Features:

  • Unlimited (only by tasker) opportunities to trigger the alarm clock by location, day, USB connected,….
  • Any sound file on SD card can be used for your alarm
  • The sound file will be played at maximum volume
  • No additional application necessary
  • Friendly Tasker GUI for Management
  • Snooze Alarm clock by just turning the device screen on
  • Real turning off the alarm clock by clicking on a pull down Notification - kind of: "yes, I am awake and can think"

To achieve that, we need three profiles and four additional Tasks - That's really advanced :-D

The profiles are:

  • Alarm time with conditions (like locations) … For sounding the alarm
  • Screen On … For Snoozing
  • Repeating 30m … For Wecker Watchdog

The tasks are:

  • Wecker … This rings the clock
  • Wecker Stop … This turns it off
  • Wecker Watchdog … Prepare the clock for the next alarm
  • Snooze … To snooze for 5 minutes

As this is the advanced section for advanced users, the step by step guide may be skippable ;-)

Task Wecker:

Task Wecker Stop:

Task Wecker Watchdog:

Task Snooze (even without image … ):
…just one action: Music Stop

Profile every 30m:

Profiles for Snooze and Stop the alarmclock:

Sample Profile to sound the ringer - LOCATION AWARE :-)

Anybody has a simpler solution ?
Or another feature idea ?

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