This is about building a simple alarm clock without the snooze feature.

As a secondary benefit you can learn some German words.

Wecken is wake, wach is awake, schlafen is sleep, ja means yes, werktags mean work day, Kalender means calendar, Urlaub is holiday.


It can be triggered via time/date contexts from within Tasker or by individual events in your Google calendar.

The alarm will be triggered again after 15 seconds. It is easy to customize this by changing the wait action (No. 7) in the Wecken task.

This can be stopped by selecting the Wach icon in the notification bar.

The time (and day) to get up can be specified in the Wecken Werktags profile using the time and date contexts.

The regular alarm can temporarily be deactivated by having a calendar entry called Urlaub.

Additional alarms can be activated by having a calendar entry called Schlafen. When using this method the phone will enter airplane mode and set your Google Talk status.

Upon waking you up the phone will exit airplane mode and set your Google Talk status.

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