APOD Wallpaper

Astronomy Picture of the Day has some really cool images that make great wallpapers.

Create a Context

Say, time of day 07:00 - 07:05

Add the Steps

  1. Make a folder APOD in the root of your SD card
  2. HTTP Get: server = apod.nasa.gov/apod, Mime Type = text/html
  3. Variable Split: Name=%HTTPD, Splitter=<IMG SRC=", Delete Base=Checked
  4. Variable Split: Name=%HTTPD2, Splitter=", Delete Base=Checked
  5. HTTP Get: server = apod.nasa.gov/apod/%HTTPD21, Mime Type = image/jpeg, Output File=APOD/apod.jpg
  6. Set Wallpaper:Image=APOD/apod.jpg
  7. HTTP Get: server = apod.nasa.gov/apod, Mime Type = text/html
  8. Variable Split: Name=%HTTPD, Splitter=Explanation:, Delete Base=Checked
  9. Variable Split: Name=%HTTPD2, Splitter=Tomorrow's, Delete Base=Checked
  10. Write File: File=APOD/apod.htm,Text=<html><body>%HTTPD21</body></html>

If you want a homescreen shortcut to the description:

Create a Task

  1. Name "APOD Description"
  2. Open File: File=APOD/apod.htm

View the Description from a Homescreen widget

  1. Create a Tasker Widget to fire this task
  2. When prompted to select the application to open the file with, select use as default and choose Android HTML Viewer
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