Audio Level for Different Daily Times

I wanted to set up the different volumes during different times of the day, such as Morning, Day, Evening, Night. There are a few apps out there to do this, such as SoundManager, but I like the control that Tasker gives. I also find it easier to Manage the Levels within a time block, instead of setting up time blocks for each level, as most of those apps do.

Here are the Profiles. I set up a number of different Volume levels; Notifications, In-Call Volume, Ringer, Media, but more could easily be added.

Morning Profile (6 AM - 9 AM)
Work Profile (9 AM - 5 PM)
Evening Profile (5 PM - 10 PM)
Night Profile (10 PM - 6 AM)

Question I think this is a great profile-set. Only think it would be more complete if it allowed for workdays & weekends.
Answer You could also include the location to determin if you're working or not.

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