Some of us have an issue where our WiFi no longer auto-connects EVER. As a workaround Tasker can help! This profile opens the WiFi dialog which then forces a scan and connect, and then the dialog goes away so you don't even notice. To prevent this job from triggering all the time we only ask that it triggers when the screen turns on, only if WiFi is on, and obviously only if WiFi is not already connected.


  • Launch App > (long-press this for additional options) Settings > wifi.WifiPickerDialog
  • (Optional) I also just for temporary kicks added the following as part of troubleshooting why this is happening in the first place: Wait (15 seconds) > Launch App > Settings > wifi.WifiStatusTest

Profile ("long-press > Add" to chain all these together into one profile)

  • Not Wifi Connected (by choosing "Invert" within Wifi Connected)
  • Variable Value: Conditions "%WIFI" ~ "on"
  • Display State "On"
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