Automatically Take and Email Your Photo

This profile will create a widget to automatically take and email a photo to what ever address you specify.

Install This APK
Then follow the instructions here to install python. Both are going to be needed for this profile.

You are also going to need this saved to your /sdcard/sl4a/scripts/ directory on your phone.

If you have questions about this stuff refer to this and this thread.

Now for the profiles
Press Tasks
New - Name it Photo Email - Ok
Variable - Variable set %PHOTONUMBER to 1 - If %PHOTONUMBER isn't set - Done
"+" - Variable - Variable Set %EMAIL_USER to (Your Gmail username) - Done e.g. peterobri
"+" - Variable - Variable Set %EMAIL_PSWD to (Your Gmail password) - Done
"+" - Variable - Variable Set %EMAIL_TO to (the address you want to send the photo to) - Done
"+" - Variable Set - %EMAIL_ATTACH to /sdcard/DCIM/Tasker/%PHOTONUMBER.jpg - Done
"+" - Media - Photo - Filename: %PHOTONUMBER - Done
"+" - Variable -Variable Add - Name: %PHOTONUMBER - Value 1 - Done
"+" - Misc - Run Script - Press the magnifying glass and choose - Pass Variables: %EMAIL_USER,%EMAIL_PSWD,%EMAIL_TO,%EMAIL_ATTACH - Done
Change the icon (I used the app icon for the Camera)

Press the Home button and add a widget to the screen. Scroll down to Task and select it
On the drop down menu select Photo Email then press Make Widget.

Then to take a photo all you have to do is press that widget and it will quickly take a photo and email to the address specified.

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