Creates S60 style profiles with the following behavior:

  • Home
    • Activated when connected to specified WiFi
      • Sets wallpaper and various loud alerts/volumes
    • Deactivated when disconnected from specified WiFi
  • Near Home
    • Activated when within a kilometer of Lat/Long
      • Sets Wifi On
    • Deactivated when outside kilometer of lat/long
  • Night
    • Activated if it's after 10:30pm and phone is plugged in
      • Turns notification noises/lights off, keeps ringer on for emergencies
    • Deactivated at 8:30am or when phone is unplugged (whichever is first)
  • Car
    • Activated when bluetooth connected to car stereo
      • Turns up media volume, turns on text-to-speech of sms messages (requires SayMyName Dessert)
    • Deactivated when disconnected from from car stereo bluetooth
  • Headset
    • Activated when connected to wired headset
      • Turns down media volume, starts music app
    • Deactivated when wired headset removed
  • Running
    • Activated when application MyTracks is started
      • turns up media volume, etc.
    • Deactivated when MyTracks is exited
  • Silent
    • Activated when nothing else is active
      • turns everything to vibrate
    • Deactivated when another profile takes over
  • Powered
    • Activated when device plugged in
      • If Car Profile is active, then it starts 'Car Mode' app
    • Deactivated when device is unplugged

Each profile has an inherent priority

The highest is Car, followed by Headset, Night, Home, and Silent.


  • This was developed and tested on Nexus One.
  • If you want the ability to turn incoming SMS messages into speech, you will need to download "SayMyName Dessert" from the market
  • Unfortunately there is no easy way to import many profiles and tasks at once into tasker, thus you will have to import over 16 files individually to get this to work


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