Auto Respond While Driving


This profile will automatically respond to any received SMS when you are driving (or moving).

How it works.

Upon receiving a text the phone will check if it is near WiFi, this prevents the phone from doing grabbing GPS Locations if you are sitting at home/office, the task checks to see if your GPS is enabled (if not, it will enable it) then grabs your current location. It will only respond to the text if your speed is faster than 5 mph. There is an additional task to convert the %LOCSPD from m/s to MPH and sets variable %LOCSPDMPH.

Need to create an additional task.

This profile calls another task called "Convert_LOCSPD_MPH." You will need to create that. The task is simply a "Variable Set" of variable %LOCSPDMPH, set that to %LOCSPD*2.23693629. Select the "Do Maths" option. This makes it easier to know how fast you are going. There should be no spaces in the formula.


Near WiFi

One of the conditions for the profile is to see if you are close to your home/office WiFi. This prevents unnecessary GPS Location lookups if you are sitting at home. THIS IS SET TO MY HOME'S SSID You should modify (for your home/office) or remove the condition.

SMS to Send

This is currently set to: "(Auto) Texting and driving is dangerous. I'm currently driving (at %LOCSPDMPH MPH). Will respond to you when I can safely."

You can modify if you like. Watch out if you are a speeder! :)

Question How can I stop this profile from replying to Facebook notifications?

One way is to change the "Received Text" from "Any" to "Any Favorite Contact"

- Any (phone book) contact rather than any favourite contact C:ANY

- Manage a list of exceptions: %EXCEPTIONS = 111/222/333/444/555

- Facebook messages come from special numbers so only reply to SMS *IF %CNUM MATCHES 07*/+44* (for mobile numbers in the UK)

I have tried this setup and have found an issue with it not registering your correct speed, it always comes in at 0mph for the first few scans, then is gets the correct speed, I have tried all sorts of methods to correct this with no luck Galaxy S3

- The only way this profile worked for me was to edit the included action 'auto respond (if driving)' as such:
1 Get location
2 Variable Set — MPH conversion (see above)
3 Send SMSRF
In other words, rather than create a new task as stated above, insert the Variable Set into included task called 'auto respond (if driving)'.

I also removed the check whether GPS is on as I leave mine on.

- Is it possible to show my speed without decimals? i.e. '57.989 MPH' which looks odd?
To show speed without decimals, in the To Maths do 'round(%LOCSPD*2.23693629)'.

- If your automobile has bluetooth, I would suggest adding the "BT Connected" state to the profile. This Profile is useful if you are the driver of a vehicle, but as a passenger in someone else's car, I don't see a need for the auto-response.

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