Autostart navigation in car

I've made up this profile for people who uses their android as navigation in their car. Its quite basic, it will pop up a menu to ask if you want to start naivgation if you're going faster than 18 km/h while connected to power.
Requirements: Car charger.

Ok where you're done you should end up with:

  • 2 Profiles
    • Power
    • Navigation
  • 5 Tasks
    • Gps on
    • Gps off
    • Stop
    • Navi menu
    • Navigation

Lets backtrack and make the tasks first starting with the task to launch navigation. I'll show you all the task first, then explaining them afterwards.

Task: Navigation
Set bluetooth on (Found in "Net/Bluetooth").
Load App (Found in "App/Load App").
Media volume (Found in "Audio/Media volume").

I turn on bluetooth as i have a hands free system in my car and like the spoken direction to come out the speakers. Same reason i set media volume to max, but you can change it to fit your likings.

Task: Navi menu
Preform task Navigation (Found in "Tasker/preform task").
Change task from execute to menu. Press the wrench and screwdriver ikon, choose task type then choose menu. Set time to menu should stay on the screen before it disappears - mine is set to the default 30 seconds.

This task is quite trivial. You can add more tasks or apps here if you want options to start more stuff, eg car profile.

Task: Stop
Preform Stop (Found in "Tasker/stop").

This is quite handy, for now we'll use it as a filler as we needs to set up an exit parameter however that cant be done without an enter parameter on a profile. But more on that to come.

Task: GPS off
Set GPS off (Found in "Misc/GPS").

A handy task to have, you would prolly use it in more than one profile.

Task: GPS on
Set GPS on (Found in "Misc/GPS").
Set wait to 20 seconds (Found in Tasker/Wait").
Set If condition to %LOCSPD < 5 (Found in "Tasker/If").
Set GPS off (Found in "Misc/GPS").
Set If condition to %LOCSPD > 5 (Found in "Tasker/If").
Perform task Navi menu (Found in "Tasker/preform task").

This is where the magic happens (So to speak). It does the following:

  • Turn on GPS
  • Gives the GPS 20 seconds to get a signal
  • If the phone is moving less than 5 m/s (Equals to 18 km/h) then it turns off the gps and does nothing more. This means that when you just charge your phone at home GPS will be turned off again.
  • If the phone is moving more than 5 m/s (Equals to 18 km/h) then it calls the Navi menu task. The navi mene then ask if you want to start the navigation app, if you click it it will call the navigation task. And the navigation task will turn on bluetooth, launch the navigation program and set the volume level to max.

And for the trivial part of the profiles:

Profile: Power
New task and choose power and set to any (Found in "State/Power").
Assign the task GPS on.

This monitors if the phone has been connected to power, if not nothing will happen. Doing so it makes it quite power conserving.

Profile: Navigation
New task and choose application, choose Navigation (Found in "Application").
Assign the task Stop
Click stop task and choose to assign exit task, then assign GPS off.

This is just to make sure that when you leave navigation application GPS is turned off to preserve battery.

It should be fairly clear that you can chance a lot of this guide to fir your own preferences, for instance if 18 km/h is too fast/too slow you can change it. The variable %LOCSPD is build in and pops out the values in m/s, for quick conversion to km/h multiply by 3.6 and you have the speed in km.

Now for the fun part - i haven't got any car charger so i haven't been able to check the set-up during a drive, but its should work quite well :)

elbarto35 user-> I have tried, just need to add gps localization after GPS is on. If not, the %LOCSPD is not affected :

Task: GPS on
Set GPS on (Found in "Misc/GPS").
Set GPS Localisation, wait to 20 seconds (Found in Misc/GPS Localisation").
Set If condition to %LOCSPD < 5 (Found in "Tasker/If").
Set GPS off (Found in "Misc/GPS").
Set If condition to %LOCSPD > 5 (Found in "Tasker/If").
Perform task Navi menu (Found in "Tasker/preform task").

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