Balance Wifi Usage And Data Check (Update)

Based on profiles of Periodic Data Check With Widgets and Enable WIFI When With In A Cell Tower …

Update Profiles Profiles
Optional Profile Need Online Apps
Old version Just for reference

Logical work flows:
- Sync data every 1 hour (change it to your desire) using WIFI if available. Otherwise using APN connection.
- Using WIFI only within known area (using Cell Near), otherwise using APN
- Turnoff online connection when screen is off

+ Online only for defined apps (such as Gmail, Internet, Dropbox, …). This is really my favorite part, however there are some points need to get use before using this option (please read the Optional part below)

Technical detail:
- APNDroid must be installed (you can use UltimateJuice alternatively)
- Background data must be on
- Profile “Know Cells Enter” is used to set the variable %HAVEWIFI to 0 or 1 depend on whether the device is entering known area or not. You should edit the context to your areas and let Tasker scan for about 10 minutes. Example of known areas are HOME or OFFICE.
- Profile “Online” run based on the status of the %NEEDONLINE variable which is set by any action that have the need to online. It will then check the status of %HAVEWIFI to determine with connection (WIF or APN) the phone should turn on. Please read Optional part below to understand the need of setting %NEEDONLINE value to 2.
- Profile “Check In BG” will sync data every 1 hour from 07:00 to 23:30 (can be easily customize to your need). It is just the customized of the same profile from Periodic Data Check With Widgets to my need. It will set the value of %NEEDONLINE to 1 to let the system know that there is a need for online.
- Profile “Screen Off” just change the value of %NEEDONLINE and then let “Online” profile decides next actions. It is the same for profile “Screen On”
- Optional:
+ Profile “Need Online Apps” using App context to define which app have the need to online when run (you should edit it to adapt to your need). Then it set the value of %NEEDONLINE to 1. When the app is deactivate, it will set the value %NEEDONLINE to 2 to let the system know that the app does not need online anymore. After 30 seconds, if the value of %NEEDONLINE does not change back to 1. The “Online” profile will turnoff WIFI and APN.
+ Due to the fact that the system need sometime to turn online. There are apps when running may pop up the dialog of “Connection failed”, you can either cancel or wait for a few seconds for the WIFI or APN to be on.

I encourage you to use the “Need Online Apps” and let me know the result on your device. I will update this profile regularly for a better response.
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