Battery Icon



]]This is simply a downloadable profile and task for adding an icon to your home screen that displays the exact battery status (e.g. 56%). I just followed the instructions on the Battery Status Percentage Widget Step Though and uploaded the files here so that lazy people can download them without having to redo the work. I have it set to update the battery label (which displays the power percentage) every 10 minutes, as well as whenever you click on the icon.

Download the two files below, and import them to your device. To add the icon, long-press on an empty spot on your home screen and select Widget. Select Task (with the Tasker icon). On the tasker screen, select the Battery task. If you don't like the battery icon I used, click on the icon above the rocketship and choose a new one. The battery icon I used is in the Built-in Icon section. Hit the green checkmark to save your new widget.


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