Bing Daily Wallpaper


This is just a simple profile that will get the Bing Image of the day, and set it as wallpaper.



I.New task named “Set Bing Wallpaper”
1.Add “HTTP Get”
A.Under “server:port” add this “
B.Then change “output file” to “bing.txt”
2.Now add “Read File”
A.Under file add “bing.txt”
B.Under To Var add “%bingurl”
3.Then add “Veriable Split”
A.Under “Name” add “%bingurl”
B.Under “Splitter” add “link>”
4.Afterward add another “Veriable Split”
A.Under “Name” add “%bingurl4”
B.Under “Splitter” add “</”
5.Add a “Variable Set”
C.Under “Name” add “%bing”
D.Under “To” add “
6.Add another “Variable Set”
A.Under “Name” add “%bingurlfinal”
B.Under “To” add “%bing%bingurl41”
7.Add a second “HTTP Get”
A.Under “server:port” add “%bingurlfinal”
B.Under “Mime Type” add “image/*”
C.Under “Output File” add “bingimage.jpg”
8.Finally Add “Set Wallpaper”
A.Under Image add “bingimage.jpg”
B.To your preference add check Scale and crop.

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