Bypass Pattern from lockscreen with Camera


  • rooted phone
  • WidgetLocker lockscreen (this is the only one I tested)
  • Secure Settings plugin with the Helper installed

What is it

This is a set of Tasks and a Profile which will allow you to launch the camera app from your lockscreen with 1 click.
Your lockscreen will be unlocked, your Pattern temporarily disabled and the camera app launched.
If you close the camera app or move it to the background, you display will be locked again and the pattern enabled so your phone is safe :)

How can this be usefull

I often want to take a quick picture but also like to keep my phone as secure as possible.
This allows just that without compromising security.

How to use it

  • WidgetLocker
    • open WidgetLocker
    • long-press on WidgetLocker lockscreen
    • add Widget
    • select Task Cut (with Tasker icon)
    • select "Camera - Start" from list

it's possible you need to set the Variable %DISPLAY_STATE to Locked the first time.

You could also launch this with a Time Context or Calendar Context if you want.
It can be easily adapted to work with other apps.


  • 16-05-2012
    • initial release

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