Call Forwarding

Enable/disable call forwarding at location

I do some work from home, but mobile reception is not very good. So I often re-route calls from my mobile to a home number. This works very well, except that I often forget to turn forwarding off when leaving.

Tasker now does this automatically for me, here is how:

  1. Create a profile 'Call forwarding at home'
  2. Add a context for the location, I use 'Wifi Near' with my home SSID
  3. Add a task under 'Phone', then 'Call' with 'Auto Dial' ticked, and the special number to enable call forwarding ('*21#', in my case)
  4. Add to the context for the location an exit task 'Call' with 'Auto Dial' and the special number to disable call forwarding ('#21#', in my case)

Apply and enjoy, that's it !

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