Repeat Caller Name

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(Requires Tasker version 1.0.10 or higher)

These two profiles will keep repeating the name of the caller until the phone is answered or the caller gives up.

The first profile, PhoneRinging, detects the start and end of a call with the Incoming Call state. The second, PhoneAnswered, detects the phone being answered with an Phone Offhook event which stops the speech loop.

Note: This profile needs to be enhanced to recognize when a call was rejected so that the caller name is no longer announced. As written, if you reject a call, the name is repeated forever.

Edit: I have added a third profile which will handle the manually ignored calls. I am new to tasker so I will share it experimentally, it is working for me though.

EDIT: This works good but when we mute the call using the volume button the task is till running. I couldn't find mute call event or State anywhere to end the task. please help

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