Camera Button Menu

In this example, we'll create a Menu Task that will popup when the camera button is pressed.

The steps are aimed at Tasker v1.2+.

You must disable Beginner Mode in order to create this profile, see Menu / Prefs / UI / Beginner Mode.

  1. make sure you're in the Profile tab, then click +, choose a name if you like and select Event for the context
  2. select category Hardware and then Button: Camera
  3. select priority Highest and check Stop Event to prevent other apps responding to the press
  4. select New Task and give the task a name if you like
  5. click + in the bottom left to add an action
  6. select category Alert and action Menu
  7. now we need to add the items to our menu
  8. click + in the bottom bar to add an item then the Action button to configure an action for it
  9. select App then Load App then the Camera app: our first menu item will start the camera if selected
  10. select App then Load App then the Camcorder app: our second menu item will start the camcorder app
  11. add a few more actions with +
  12. click Done
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