Check FiOS Voicemail

I recently switched to Verizon FiOS, and wanted apply some automation to listening to new voicemail on my Android device. It's possible to configure your FiOS service to send you an SMS message when you have new voicemail on your FiOS service. With that part done, each time I receive a new notification I have to pull down the notifications, tap on the new SMS entry to clear it, then go back to my home screen, open the app drawer, and tap on FiOS Digital Voice. With Tasker, all I have to do is pull down the notifications and tap on the new SMS entry. Here's how:

First, create a new profile with an Unread Text context, like this:

  1. On the profiles display, tap New and give your profile a name
  2. On the First Context list select State
  3. On the Select State list select Unread Text
  4. In the Sender field type ten.nozirev|ylperon#ten.nozirev|ylperon
  5. In the Content field type *a new message has arrived*
  6. Tap Done at the bottom of the Unread Text dialog
  7. On the Task Selection list select New Task (and optionally name your task) and tap OK
  8. On the Task Edit screen tap + to add an action to your task
  9. On the Select Action Category list select App
  10. On the Select App Action list select Load App
  11. Select FiOS Digital Voice from the list of apps
  12. Tap Done on the Load App dialog
  13. Tap Done on the Task Edit dialog
  14. Find your new profile in the list of profiles and tap on the Enter Task with the green arrow
  15. On the Task Options list select Move To Exit
  16. Tap Apply at the bottom of the profiles list

That's it!

Now, any time you get a new SMS from ten.nozirev|ylperon#ten.nozirev|ylperon and it contains a new message has arrived, your new profile will activate (and do nothing, because there's no Enter Task). But when you read this new SMS, the profile will exit, causing the FiOS Digital Voice app to open so you can listen to your voicemail.


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