Clock Widget Zoom

This profile together with a zoom-widget is for advanced users, as the documentation will be quite scarce. Reading Tasker-Code is of advantage. Linux skills for customization is needed.


  • Highly configurable design with inkscape
  • Binary and 24 hour clock possible - even mixed together
  • Weather-Picture from (but only in github)
  • Using standard Tasker/Zoom


Good to create your own clock

  • Linux-system
  • inkscape >= 0.48
  • gawk or awk
  • GNU-make
  • bash

How To

Set up Files
copy Tasker_project/Clock2.prj.xml into SD-Card's Tasker-project folder
copy Zoom_template/clock.image.w.ztk.xml into SD-Card's Zoom-template folder
create a directory /mnt/emmc/Tasker/clock2 and copy all png-files from the png-folder.
If you have only a /mnt/sdcard, then prepare to change the Tasker code.
I use /mnt/emmc, because on my phone this is the internal SD-card, which is near impossible to be changed.
If you update the images of the clock, do not forget to delete the ZOOM-image cache (s.Makefile as example)

Set up Widget
Install Zoom from, if you do not have it already.
Create a 4x2 Widget on homescreen and use the template clock.image.w
By this you should get a widget with name clock.image.w

Set up Tasker
Open Tasker and import the project clock2
Execute the Task of the Profile Clock-Zoom-Arrange (all images in the widget will be
adjusted). The Rectangle for the battery bar will not be positioned.

Works ?
If it works you should have a fully configurable 24 hour clock with a small battery bar on top. Just not configurable on your device, but your Linux-system. The battery bar will turn blue, if charged. During discharging goes from green over yellow to red. Percentages can be looked up in the Tasker code.

Doesn't work ?
If it looks ugly, then your screen resolution does not match my device. Then you need to change the values in the Clock-Zoom-Arrange Task for the size. All images will be resized to same size - filling the widget completely. Moreover the Battery-bar adjustment in Task battery need to be adjusted, too.

Fully customizable ?
For this the linux-system with inkscape and GNU make comes into play. Just unpack the archive somewhere in your home-directory. If you execute make clean, make, then ideally the PNG-files will be created. These may look different, than the one supplied in the archive. Reason is, that the used font may not be available on your system. Anyway, if you do not like the look of your clock, then execute 'inkscape clock.svg' and there is the clock. Having skills for graphic design is of advantage. I haven't so the example does not look so nice. Hopefully the concept is clear. Attention: Do not change the 00 for Minute and Hour, as these will be automatically expanded by the awk/Makefile combo. For the modification:

  • picture size will not be modified during export, so can be adjusted to your phone
  • Layer Selection: All Layer with name starting …
      • … "Hour" will be exported as hour pictures
      • … "Minute" will be exported as minute pictures
      • … "Hour-Bx" (x=0..4) will be exported as hour pictures, if bit <x> is in hour set
      • … "Minute-Bx" (x=0..5) will be exported as minute pictures, if bit <x> is in minute set
  • All Layers with name starting "Background" will be exported as background
  • Do not expect any Layer combination effect except Normal to work !
  • Limitation is: you cannot separate tenths from ones from Minute or Hour

Other Layers will be suppressed during PNG-generation. Keep in mind, that Hour+Minute have to be used with transparent background, because in the Widget all images will be stacked onto each other with the background having Depth 0.

For me works nicely and I like the concept to have not another Widget application on my Phone - only Tasker+Zoom :-). The principle can be extended to a 12 am/pm clock (wishful - just not for me), having single digit 0-9 o'clock, or weather images (like Beautiful Widget).

As packing/uploading files is a bit clumsy, updates will be pushed to github, only.

Up to You: Define touch action for Zoom Widget to e.g. open the clock to set an alarm

Up to You2: Concept is not bound to a 4x2 widget size.

Up to You3: Contribute your designs back to me or even better to github directly.

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