Disable Keyguard When At Home

Annoyed that you have to enter your unlock code or keyguard pattern, even when you're at a normal location like home or the office? Me too.

Turns out it's pretty easy to disable the keyguard feature when you're at a known location (based on wifi signals), without sacrificing security.

Disabling the keyguard

1) Create a new Profile called "Screen unlock - Home"
2) Add an event context for "Display unlocked"
3) Add a state context for "WiFi near," entering the SSID of your home or office network
4) Add a "Tasker -> Wait" task, and set it to 2 or 3 seconds.
5) Add a "Display -> Keyguard" task, set to OFF

Enabling the keyguard when you've left your home/office

1) Create a new Profile called "Home"
2) Add a "WiFi Connected" state context item, with your home/office SSID
3) Add an exit task for "Display -> Keyguard" set to ON

And you're set! The first time you unlock your device when near your home/office wifi network, the keyguard is disabled until you leave again.

The above was posted by Bruton on 14th January 2012, and whilst this may work well for some, others WILL experience problems with the Keyguard being activated whilst the display is off. For these people, I would suggest you install the Secure Settings plugin from the Market and, in the second profile, create an action that calls the 'Screen Dim, for 5 seconds' function in Secure Settings BEFORE setting the Keyguard on. You can then create a third action to Lock the screen, which will turn the display off again:

A1 (under Plugin) Secure Settings, tap Edit button under configuration, select 'Wake Device' from the dropdown, select 'Screen Dim' for the Wake Type and choose an appropriate Duration
A2 (under Display) Keyguard, set 'On'
A3 (under Display) System Lock - note this is different from Lock!

Apologies for hijacking the profile, Bruton
sayling 16/1/2012

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