Who's been fiddling with my phone?

It's unusual for the owner of the phone to get the password wrong multiple times.
So, if it happens, maybe someone is fiddling with your phone!

What it does
Notice when there have been 2 failed logins
Take a discreet picture with the front camera


  • rooted phone
  • Secure Settings plugin with the Helper installed


  1. Add a Profile "Failed Login Photo"
  2. The First context is "State" -> "Plugin" -> "Secure Settings"
  3. When prompted for a configuration, press the pencil icon and select "Failed Login Attempts" from the Secure Settings screen
  4. Set a value of 2
  5. Press the floppy disk icon on the bottom left to save it
  6. Add a New Task "Take Photo"
  7. Media -> Take Photo
  8. Select the Front Camera
  9. Enter a filename, I suggest "FailedLogin"
  10. Select "Naming Sequence = Chronological"
  11. Put a tick in "Insert in Gallery" and "Discreet"

That's it!

The picture is stored locally. If you want to see who it might be without looking at your phone, you can let Google+, Facebook Sync, Dropbox, etc sync it somewhere else for you. You could probably also integrate it with Automatically Take and Email Your Photo

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