Forward all text messages to another number (and notify of missed calls); turned on and off by texting a keyword.

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Feel out of the loop when you leave your phone behind? Or perhaps you need to stay in the loop for work?

With this project, just send your phone a text message (presumably from another phone, Google Voice, etc.) of "ForwardSms" and all of your text messages and missed call notifications will be sent to the pre-programed number.

Send another text of "UnforwardSms" to turn forwarding off.

I pretty much patched this together using other examples on this site, so I won't bother with a walk through, just download the project file and import! (If you don't have project tab visible-the house icon in the upper left of the screen-tap and drag the "tasks" button/tab down to reveil.)

Couple notes:

  • It's currently set to accept the keyword from ANY phone, for increased security you could specify a list of approved phones that could turn it on and off by modifying the Sender of the Received Text contexts for the ForwardSms and UnforwardSms profiles.
  • You need to modify the phone number texts are forwarded to in the ForwardCurrentSms and SendSmsWithMissedCallInfo tasks.

Alternate setup idea:
Make the changes noted above so that only pre-specified numbers can turn forwarding on and off. Then add an action to the SetForwardSms task that sets a variable to "Text From" value. Next use that variable for the phone number in the ForwardCurrentSms and SendSmsWithMissedCallInfo tasks.

Texts would be forwarded to the phone that you turned it on from, rather than a pre-programmed number, helpful if you don't know exactly where you'll want things forwarded ahead of time.

Thanks for the idea here, really good work.

I have taken the project you created and added a couple of extra features:

  1. The number sending the special text becomes the number that the forwards are sent to (as suggested above)
  2. The number sending the special text must be in the phone book (as suggested above)
  3. An SMS is sent confirming the successful activation of the forwarding
  4. Pattern lock is enabled, using secure settings (root required…I think)
  5. A notification is created with a click action that stops forwarding (idea being that if you leave it at home you can just pick up the phone and then undo the forwarding rather than having to send the undo SMS)
  6. An SMS is sent confirming the successful deactivation of the forwarding (via either the notification click or the unforward SMS message
  7. Turn the phone to silent mode
  8. Turn the media, alarm, ringer, system & notification volume to 0
  9. Restore silent values based on pre-forward values
  10. Restore media, alarm, ringer, system & notification volume to pre-forward values

I might put something in to turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc but at the moment it is not something that affects me so still deciding.

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Commit 1: When i download ether file it says tasker can't handle these files. Has anyone been able to get these to work?

Comment Response: I have updated the link to download the file. There was a problem with the file name (needs to have a *.prj.xml file extension). Here is a copy of the link for ease of download - DOWNLOAD THE UPDATE: Updated Project File Download

Comment: I have downloaded both projects and can not seem to get them to work.

Comment: As of Jan. 7, 2015 and on Tasker 4.6u2m, I cannot import the above project. error: no %1$s found

Comment: Would it be possible to add in an auto-sms for missed call notifications? Or a one liner on how to add this? :)

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