Set volume then Launch menu of music apps


This is similar to the previous example, but instead of just launching a menu of music apps, it sets the volume first.

The download example above uses only the default Android Music Player and Pandora, but you could just as easily add Google Listen for podcasts, iheartradio, Meridian, or any other application for that matter.

  1. click New and select State
  2. select event category Hardware and event Headset Plugged

Leave the Type set to Any, but if want to specify more granularity you can choose Mic or No Mic depending on your headset type.

  1. click + in the bottom left to add a setting
  2. select category Audio and action Media Volume
  3. Set the volume to what you want as the default when you plug in your headphones and click done
  4. Click the + in the bottom left and select Perform Task under the menu Tasker
  5. Enter the name Music Menu
  6. Click done twice
  7. Click on Tasks in the bottom right of the main Tasker screen
  8. Click New and create a task names Music Menu
  9. click on the icon on the bottom right which looks like a Play button OR the wrench and standard screw driver to change the Task Type
  10. Select Menu from the Task Type List
  11. click + in the bottom left to add an action
  12. select category Misc and action Load App
  13. select the Music application
  14. select category Misc and action Load App
  15. select the Pandora application
  16. repeat for any of your other favorite Music related applications to add to the menu. For example, I also have Google Listen in this menu for podcasts.
  17. click Done

Here is a more advanced Profile. This one does the same thing but loads the normal music app first and starts the next song playing.
Then when you select a song player is stops the default player.
It is configured to use Meridian, Mixzing lite, Pandora, and Music
Try it out to explore how it does it
Download the advanced version

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