Chime/Announce the Hour of Day

In this example we want to make a number of chimes on the hour equal to the current hour, or announce the current hour.

To do that we make a profile with a time context that repeats every hour, and then 'split' the current time variable to get the current hour.

  1. click New and select Time
  2. select the range (From and To) times you want a chime for.

The From time should have minutes equal to 0.

  1. click Repeat and select Hours and enter 1
  2. click Done

That's the profile done, now the Task. The first action will split the current time (%TIME e.g. 10:34 into hours and minutes, because we need access to the hours only.

  1. click +, then select category Variable and action Variable Split
  2. click Var and select variable Current Time
  3. for Splitter, enter .

After this action, %TIME1 will be 10 and %TIME2 will be 34 (assuming the current time is 10:34

Announce the Hour

That's an easy one, we only need to add one more action to the task.

  1. click + then select category Misc and action Say
  2. enter It's %TIME1 oh clock
  3. long-click on the Locale field to download Text to Speech data
  4. long-click on the Locale field again and select a language
  5. click Done

That's it. Every hour, your phone will say something like It's 10 o clock, depending on the hour.

Chime the Hour

This one is a bit tougher. First you need a sound file with a chime in it. For example, here is an example ship's bell sounds. Now we need to make a loop which plays the bells a number of times dependent on the hour (in %TIME1 remember ?).

Here's a picture of what the task needs to look like when you're done:


The action off the screen at the top is the Variable Split action that you've already entered.

Next, Variable Clear sets a counter to 0, since we've probably used it before. Then we play the chime file and increase the value of %COUNT. If %COUNT is not yet the same as the current hour, we jump back to action 3 and play it again.

You might want to put a Wait action (category Misc) after Music Play to space the chimes better.

unsolicited comment by louwilkinson:

if we really want ships bell sounds…we want a double bell, modulo 4…so ding-ding for each hour, but start over after 4.

so 1:00 is ding-ding. 2:00 is ding-ding, ding-ding… etc
5:00 is back to ding-ding.

i spent an eternity listening to those bells, once upon a time…

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