Hue Light Control

These three tasks will allow simple light control of Philips Hue lights. You will need to edit these before using them as you must supply your own unique key string for that they will share and change the IP to whatever your bridge uses. Make sure to assign it a static IP or these will need to be edited again if it changes. You can change the device type from "taskerscript" to something else too, but it's not required. You may also want to edit the lightson/lightsoff tasks depending on your lights. After you are done editing you are ready to import the tasks. When replacing the key make sure to remove the greater than and less than symbols as well.

The first thing you will need to do after importing the tasks is authorize with the hue bridge by pressing the button on the bridge and running the Hueauth task. You should only have to do this once so you can import it and then run it manually. After that you should be able to test with the lightson and lightsoff tasks and use them however you like.

You can get more info on how to control the lights from the Phillips Hue API site to do things like fade and timers. My tasks just turn them off and back to the last on setting.


Hueauth task
lightsoff task
lightson task

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