Icon Sets

The styled icon sets contains 268 icons each. Many thanks to mysitemyway.com for making them available.

You can find all the icons shown on this page in the Samples set,
which is just intended for trial purposes.

Once you've finished downloading icons, click on the downloaded files (via the notification bar) to unpack them. It may take more than a minute before the icons are available in Tasker's icon set list.

Samples SD HD
Traditional Traditional.1.png Traditional.2.png SD
BlackButton BlackButton.1.png BlackButton.2.png SD HD
BlackStamp BlackStamp.1.png BlackStamp.2.png SD HD
BlackSteel BlackSteel.1.png BlackSteel.2.png SD HD
BlueChrome BlueChrome.1.png BlueChrome.2.png SD HD
BlueGrunge BlueGrunge.1.png BlueGrunge.2.png SD HD
BlueOrb BlueOrb.1.png BlueOrb.2.png SD HD
BlueWhitePearl BlueWhitePearl.1.png BlueWhitePearl.2.png SD HD
CopperOrb CopperOrb.1.png CopperOrb.2.png SD HD
CrystalBubble CrystalBubble.1.png CrystalBubble.2.png SD HD
GlossySilver GlossySilver.1.png GlossySilver.2.png SD HD
GreenFloral GreenFloral.1.png GreenFloral.2.png SD HD
GreenOrb GreenOrb.1.png GreenOrb.2.png SD HD
MetalPewter MetalPewter.1.png MetalPewter.2.png SD HD
OrangeJelly OrangeJelly.1.png OrangeJelly.2.png SD HD
OrangeWhitePearl OrangeWhitePearl.1.png OrangeWhitePearl.2.png SD HD
PinkJelly PinkJelly.1.png PinkJelly.2.png SD HD
RedGlossy RedGlossy.1.png RedGlossy.2.png SD HD
RedGoldPaint RedGoldPaint.1.png RedGoldPaint.2.png SD HD
RedWhitePearl RedWhitePearl.1.png RedWhitePearl.2.png SD HD
StripedRed StripedRed.1.png StripedRed.2.png SD HD
TransparentGlass TransparentGlass.1.png TransparentGlass.2.png SD HD
WaxedWood WaxedWood.1.png WaxedWood.2.png SD HD
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