Control Keyguard (scroll to unlock) when Power is Connected/Disconnected


Tasker Developer Note: in Android 2.0+, the Keyguard action should probably not be used unless the display is *on* and *unlocked*.

In this example we want to use the Power State feature to turn the phone's KeyGuard feature (a.k.a 'Slide to Unlock') off when 'Any' Power is connected, and then turn KeyGuard back on when Power is disconnected.

This is useful for when your phone is connected to your Car charger, desktop charger, or bedside charger since you can wake up your phone and not have the annoying 'Slide to Unlock' nagging you!

Create a Tasker State Context Profile.

Creating a State Context Profile

1. Launch Tasker by clicking its application icon. icon_tasker.png
2. If Tasker is not in ‘Context Selector Mode’ click 'New' then select 'State'. If you is inContext Selector Mode’ click the 'State' icon on the top button bar and then click 'New'.
3. On the 'Select State' window, click 'Power' and ensure the 'Source' dropdown box is set to 'Any' then click 'Done'.

Create a list of ‘Actions’ to perform on the ‘Task Edit’ screen for this Profile.

Creating a list of 'Actions' to perform.

1. Click ‘+’ and select ‘Display’ and then click ‘Keyguard’. Ensure the 'Set' dropdown box is set to 'Off'.
2. Click ‘Done’.
3. Click 'Done' again to save this task list.

We need an 'Exit Task' to set the KeyGuard back on when this Power State changes.

1. Click the 'Keyguard off' with the 'Green' arrow to bring up the 'Task Options'.
2. Click 'Add Exit Task'.
3. Click ‘+’ and select ‘Display’ and then click ‘Keyguard’. Ensure the 'Set' dropdown box is set to 'On'.
4. Click ‘Done’.
5. Click 'Apply' to save this Profile.

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