This Tasker profile is intended for use with Fluke Networks LinkSprinter 200 - a network tester that uses your smart phone or tablet as a touchscreen interface using your web browser and the LinkSprinter's built-in Wifi hot spot. Normally this would require you to enable the Wifi hot spot on the LinkSprinter (pressing a button), connect to the LinkSprinter's hot spot, open your browser, and type in the LinkSprinter's address ( in your browser's address bar.

What does this profile do for you?

This profile launches your web browser with the LinkSprinter's address, either a new tab, or the current LinkSprinter tab (if you've previously connected and haven't closed that browser tab yet), every time you connect to your LinkSprinter's hot spot. If have Wifi turned on and you're not already connected to a Wifi network, this should all happen by pressing a single button on the LinkSprinter.

Note: you'll have to manually connect to your LinkSprinter's Wifi the first time, but it should happen automatically any time thereafter.

The profile

Here's the profile, it's pretty simple:

Profile: LinkSprinter Connected
    State: Wifi Connected [ SSID:linksprinter* MAC:* IP:* ]
Enter: LinkSprinter
    A1: Send Intent [ Action:android.intent.action.VIEW Cat:Default Mime Type: Data: Extra: Package: Class: Target:Activity ]

You can also download the profile here and import it into Tasker if you don't want to create the profile yourself.

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