Liveview Reconnect

**This tutorial is currently NOT working. Please check back later to see if it has been updated. 4/7/11 **

Many have experienced connection problems with the Sony Ericsson Liveview device.
This example will help provide a temporary fix to the problejm by automating a reconnection using Tasker and SL4A.

*SL4A with a python interpreter is needed.


(*Must have the python interpreter)

1) Create a new script called "Liveview"

Insert the API for the bluetoothConnect.

The script should look like this:

import android
droid = android.Android()

droid.bluetoothConnect('457807c0-4897-11df-9879-0800200c9a66', None)

2) Change the script so that the string uuid is deleted. DO NOT DELETE THE UUID

droid.bluetoothConnect(None, None)

3) Enter in your liveview's string address

droid.bluetoothConnect(None, 'XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX')

**Example droid.bluetoothConnect(None, '12:b3:d4:2f:f8:3g')

4) Final script:

import android
droid = android.Android()

droid.bluetoothConnect(None, 'XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX')


1)Setup a condition using :
-Bluetooth Connected
Name: LiveView
Invert: Yes
(Every time the bluetooth connection is lost, the run script task will be launched)

2)Setup a task for this condition:
-Run Script

Now, when the liveview device disconnects from the phone, a reconnection is made within a few seconds!

For any problems or help, I will monitor this thread: LiveView Help

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