Lock your phone and locate it by SMS and sound


Main profile / Force GPS fix profile / Get address task


Once files imported, you are in debug mode (%ADDRESSDEBUG is "yes" in "Send Position by SMS" task, line 1).
Debug mode doesn't send sms, don't activate Keyguard pattern and don't change sound settings. It use notifications for testing purpose.
When ready to use really locate by sms, change to "no" for %ADDRESSDEBUG.

Don't forget to set your music.

About Keyguard pattern

The pattern has to be set (and activated).
If you want to use the keyguard pattern only for this profiles, desactivate it with Tasker (Display -> Keyguard pattern -> off). The pattern will not be lost.


Configure the locking sms with the context of "Receive position by sms" profile (default : OU).

All settings are in "Send Position by SMS" task.

  • %ADDRESSDEBUG (line 1) can activate debug mode (yes/no)
  • %ADDRESSTO (line 2) set the sms destination (latest sms sender by default - %SMSRF)
  • %ADDRESSMESSAGE (line 8) is the message to send (%ADDRESS variable contains an approximative address)
  • Select your music on line 13

( * about line 7 : that's the message i would like but there's a bug with version 1.0.5 that prevents to send long sms).


"Force Gps Fix" profile is the only way I found to force GPS fix.
Not used, it has to be disabled.

Enjoy !

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