This example steals most of the logic from the vacation message.

The purpose of this task is to automatically send an SMS notification to someone/anyone that sends you an SMS when your battery is low.

Why? Sometimes I get really busy and I don't notice my battery is dying. If someone messages me I want them to know I might not see that message so if it's important they should call!


1. Goto 7
If %BATT > 10
If we the battery isn't low skip sending the SMS

2. Stop
We've already sent the SMS notification so do nothing.

3. Send SMS %SMSRN, Your SMS msg
To enter %SMSRN, click the Var button and select Last SMS From.

4. Variable Set %LOW_BATT_SMS, 1
We've sent the message now so make sure we don't send it again.

5. Notify
Add a pop-up to let you know it's been sent (OPTIONAL)

6. Stop
We're done.

7. Variable Set %LOW_BATT_SMS, 0
The battery isn't below the 10% and we've previously sent the SMS, so we need
to reset that for the next time the battery gets low.

This task is set as the Enter task of a profile containing an SMS Received event. You can set a certain number too.

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