I wrote this because none of the prior WIFI solutions deal with many access points. This one does. Operation is as automatic as possible, you do not need to manually scan cell towers or enter SSIDs.


You will need to manually enable WIFI one time for every Access Point you use. From then on, the phone will automatically switch to WIFI when that AP is available and switch to Mobile Data when it is no longer connected.

Theory of operation

  • Each time your phone successfully connects to a WIFI network, it will push the current cell as well as the SSID onto an array, removing any duplicates. This means that your most recently seen networks will be at the front of the list.
  • Every 5 minutes, the phone will walk the array. If it currently attached to a cell tower that is in the list, it will enable WIFI.
  • Once it has a connection, it will (optionally) announce the SSID and disable Mobile Data.
  • When the phone loses WIFI, it will (optionally) announce that it is switching to Mobile Data, then do that and disable WIFI.


  • Download the Project Mw.prj.xml
  • Disable Tasker by long pressing the icon at the top left. If you fail to do this, you may get a spurious entry with an SSID of %myWIFI. This can be safely deleted.
  • Import the Project
  • Set TASKS->UpdateConfig->mwAudio to 1 if you want audio or 0 otherwise
  • Set PROFILE->UpdateConfig to On
  • Enable Tasker by long pressing the icon at the top left
  • Return out of Tasker and come back in. UpdateConfig should now be off.
  • Enable WIFI which should put your current SSID and cell tower into WiFiCell1


UpdateConfig can be re-run to turn Audio on/off as desired.
If you find that the list of Towers/Access Points is getting too long go to VARS. Tap indexed and delete the entries that you no longer need.


Bugs, suggestions, etc can be sent to me at Gmail where my address is wayne47

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