Auto Enable GPS Navigation (fix)

Tasker is really useful for battery saving, one of the most common profiles is the "Auto-enable GPS for whatever Apps". While the GPS set:on works perfect for Places, Maps, & Location - Navigation has a common issue - the GPS activation is too slow for the app (it seems). Here is a simple way to fix it for just the Navigation app:

New Context > "Navi" > Application > Navigation
New Task [+] > Tasker > If: %GPS~off
+ > App > Go Home
+ > Misc. > GPS: Set: ON
+ > Tasker > Wait > 50ms
+ > App > Load App > Navigation
+ > Tasker > End If

This profile simply stays in the app of the GPS is already on, but if not - you go home, set GPS on, wait minimal time, and re-enter the navigation app. It's the best workaround I thought of to fix the common issue at this point.

A link to my Google Doc hosting (no log-in required): Navi Profile

Another, slightly more complex, option is to create a shortcut to a Tasker task with a similar function and then a profile to turn off the GPS when done:

From the Tasker main screen:
Tasks > New Task > "Navigation"
+ > Tasker > If > %GPS ~ off
+ > Misc. > GPS: Set: On
+ > Tasker > Wait > 50ms
+ > Tasker > End If
+ > App > Load App > Navigation

With this the GPS will only turn on and wait if the GPS is currently turned off, removing any unnecessary wait time. Next create the following profile:

From the Tasker main screen:
New > "Navigation Exit" > Application > Navigation
New Task > "No Wait"
+ > Tasker > Wait > 0ms
Add Exit Task > New Task > "GPS off"
+ > Misc. > GPS: Set: Off

With this the profile will not cause any additional things to happen when Navigation is launched, but will still turn off GPS when exited. Once you have both of these created, go to your home screen and create a new Shortcut, choose Task, then choose "Navigation". This can also be done as a widget, however the widget will always display text below it and cannot be placed into a folder, whereas a shortcut can be placed in a folder.

If GPS Off_Kill Nav and Restart Nav (13)
A1: If [ %GPS ~ Off ]
A2: Kill App [ App:Navigation Use Root:Off ]
A3: Wait [ MS:500 Seconds:0 Minutes:0 Hours:0 Days:0 ]
A4: Load App [ App:Navigation Data: Exclude From Recent Apps:Off ]
A5: Wait [ MS:750 Seconds:0 Minutes:0 Hours:0 Days:0 ]
A6: Load App [ App:Navigation Data: Exclude From Recent Apps:Off ]
A7: End If

Here is an alternative fix that does not involve using a widget and happens automatically when you launch navigation. For some reason Navigation has to be reloaded twice to get this task to work reliably. You may have to change the delays to get it to work with your specific device. Developed and tested on an Asus TF700T Transformer Pad.

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