Network Location - User Interface

Designed specifically for use with the Tasker Network Location project.

Network Location - User Interface


Simple but effective user interface allows you to view the Network Location project data.

The interface has been created from a scene which is easily imported into the main Network Location project via Taskers import project feature. Once imported use the "Network - UI" task to launch the scene.

The project scene is scaled to support devices with an 18:9 display ratio. If you have a device with a different ratio you can simply resize the scene and its elements to suit your device display.

The scene and associated project data is provided for your personal use. By using the scene and associated project you the user will assume all responsibility for any and all liability.

The Network Location User Interface can be modified or forked without notice. Use as a base for creating your own user interfaces or bundle it along with the Network Location project to create your very own standalone Network Location automation app.


Version 0.1
Initial Release.

Version 0.2
Whats New:
Click notification opens user interface.
Compatibility with Network Location v7 beta.


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