Notification Reminder Pulse

Vibrates every few minutes if a notification has been received but not checked. Stops after 5th pulse to conserve battery.

Comprised of two profiles:
BeginPulse: Triggers when a message is received. Contains the loop to vibrate a few times with a built in delay.
EndPulse: Triggers when phone is unlocked. Turns off the BeginPulse loop.

Profile: BeginPulse

Context on Alert: Received SMS (*,*)

Under Task Properties, change Collision Handling to Abort Existing Task

1. Variable Set
Name %iVAR To 0

%iVAR is a basic counter that will keep track of the number of pulses.

2. Wait
Seconds 6

On my phone (Galaxy S), the screen turns on when an SMS is received. This 6 second delay gives it a chance to go back to sleep before checking the status of the screen. Depending on your phone's settings, this section may need to be extended or may be removable entirely.

3. Variable Set
Name %bPULSE to On
If %SCREEN ~ off

Begins the pulse routine if the screen is off at the time. This way the pulse won't start up if you happen to be using the phone when the SMS arrives. %bPULSE is turned on by receiving an SMS and turned off after the 5th pulse or when the screen is unlocked.

4. Variable Set
Name %bPULSE to Off
If %iVAR > 5

Ends loop after the 5th pulse.

5. Wait
Minutes 3
If %bPULSE ~ On

Delay between pulses.

6. Vibrate
Time 800
If %bPULSE ~ On


7. Variable Add
Name %iVAR Value 1

Counter value is incremented by 1.

8. Goto Action
Number 4
If %bPULSE ~ On

Returns to step 4, generating the loop.

Profile: EndPulse

Context on Alert: Display Unlocked

1. Variable Set
Name %bPULSE To Off

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