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For these profiles to work properly, your device must be rooted.
You'll need to have Tasker 1.3.3u2 or later installed
You'll need to enable Tasker in your Accessibility settings
You'll need to download and import the Extended Variables & States project


This is a set of profiles that work in unison to provide a single repeating audible/vibrating reminder for missed calls, Google Voice (voicemail/sms), Messaging (sms/mms), Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Now. For each monitored notification you can set a standard reminder, which will sound/vibrate every 10 minutes, or a priority reminder, which will sound/vibrate every 2 minutes, until the monitored notifications are cleared.

Root access is used to determine which notifications remain in the notification bar. Older versions of these profiles would clear reminders when you launched the notifying application. This proved to be unreliable in some circumstances, especially when applications were launched by tapping on a notification, and the application had not been previously launched in some other way.

Types of reminders

Standard Reminder

A standard reminder will sound/vibrate every 10 minutes, as long as a monitored notification is present in the notification bar.

Priority Reminder

A priority reminder will sound/vibrate every 2 minutes, as long as a monitored priority notification is present in the notification bar. Examples of priority notifications include a missed call from a specific caller, an unread SMS from a specific sender, or a reminder from Google Now that you have to leave soon for an appointment. However, you get to decide what you want to be considered a priority. For me, it's missed calls or unread SMS from my immediate family, and the above-referenced reminders from Google Now.

How you will be reminded

Silent Mode ON

If Silent Mode is set to ON there will be no sound or vibration for standard notifications, but there will be vibration for priority notifications.

Silent Mode VIBRATE

If Silent Mode is set to VIBRATE there will be vibration but no sound for both standard and priority notifications. If the display is off there will be two vibrations in rapid succession. If the display is on there will be a single short vibration for standard notifications, and two vibrations in rapid succession for priority notifications.

Silent Mode OFF

If Silent Mode is set to OFF the above vibrations will be produced. Additionally, if the screen is off, or the screen is on and the device is docked, a notification sound will be played.

Using these profiles

These profiles can be downloaded as a Tasker project by clicking on the link below. Once downloaded, you can import the project from within Tasker.

Things you'll want to check or change

You can change the circumstances and frequency of notification reminders by adding whatever contexts you like to the Reminder profile and/or the Priority Reminder profiles, or changing the time context for these profiles. For example, change the Time context so they only sound/vibrate from 8:00am to 10:00pm, or so they sound/vibrate every 30 minutes (instead of the default), or add a Day context so they are only active Monday through Friday, or Location context so they are only active while you're at work.

All other changes you're likely to want/need to make are in the Notification Reminder task and the Priority Notification Reminder task.

Notification Reminder task

Action 5: Play Ringtone

Edit this action and select a sound that exists on your device

Priority Notification Reminder task

Action 1: Play Ringtone

Edit this action and select a sound that exists on your device


If you're having problems with reminders not working at all, make sure that Tasker is enabled in the Accessibility settings on your device.

Issues specific to Google Now

Google Now can produce multiple notifications for various things, including reminding you that it's time to leave for an event on your calendar, a notification for the current weather conditions, etc. This project (at this time, at least) can only deal with either ONE type of Google Now notification, or ALL types of Google Now notifications. The default is to handle ONE notification from Google Now - when it's time to leave for an event on your calendar.

To make the project handle ALL notifications from Google Now, edit the context for the "Now - Set" profile and remove the text from the Title field. Next, go to the default project in Tasker and tap on the Variables tab, then scroll down until you see a variable name that starts with %nrLBL, and find the one with a value of "Google Search" (this is the actual name of Google Now), and note the number at the end of the variable name. Scroll down further and find the variable %nrTXT that ends with the same number, and change its value to ".*".

Setting up reminders for other apps

If you want to setup reminders for an app that's not included in the profiles that are part of this project, the easiest way to do this is to clone one of the existing application "set" profiles (e.g. Gmail - Set, Calendar - Set), then edit the Application context to select a new Owner Application. Then modify the priority filters to your preferences.

Note that the format of the priority filters will vary by Owner Application, and you may need to experiment a bit to get filters setup correctly. For example, Google Voice notifications are prefixed with the name of the sender. If you wanted to Google Voice notifications for messages/voicemail from anyone with a last name of Smith or Jones to be considered priority, your filter would look like this: *Smith:*/*Jones:*.


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