Pebble Glance Podcastaddict

This profile will combine intentions in Podcast Addict and Integration to the pebble smart watch using the app Glance. The instructions here are very specific to my application but the information contained should help if you want to do other tasker, pebble tasks.


  1. You must have a pebble smartwatch
  2. You must have installed glance
  3. You must have podcast addict

Setup the glance tasker commands

When the glace app initiates the tasker command your tasker must send a message to the watch to tell it what options to show

  1. Create a profile for "Pebble Glance Initiate"
  2. Profile will be Event / System / Intent Received
  3. Action will be ",TASKERINIT"
  4. Create a task called "Glance Controls"
  5. In this task misc / Send Intent
  6. Action ""
  7. Extra "msg:Play Podcast:Back 15 Sec:3rd function" ("3rd function" is extra space for additional tasks, I have my watch setup to play the last SMS when this is pressed)
  8. I then clear a variable called "%PlayMode"

At this point when you tell glace to view tasker commands you should see these three items (not waiting / Waiting / Waiting)

Setup a profile that reads the glance button commands

I will detail how to read the commands first than below I will explain the process to control podcast addict

  1. Create a profile called "Glance Button Commands"
  2. This will be an Event / System / Intent Received
  3. Action ""
  4. The task needs to contain 3 if statements (one for top, middle and bottom buttons)
  5. Top "%key" ~ "TASKERTOP"
  6. Middle "%key" ~ "TASKERMID"
  7. Bottom "%key" ~ "TASKERBOT"

Podcast Addict Controls

For this example I have configured the top button to play the first podcast in the playlist, after this has been started the button description will change to pause. When glance re-initiates play will be the default action again. You can change this function, but it really doesn't matter pressing "play" when you're already playing does nothing to podcast addict

If statement for "TASKERTOP"

  1. Inside this statement I create an if statement that looks for variable "%PlayMode"
  2. If "%PlayMode" = 1 (podcast addict is currently playing a track, and you want to pause)
    1. Send Intent: Action "com.bambuna.podcaseaddict.service.player.pause"
    2. Send Intent: Action ""
      1. Extra "msg:Play Podcast:Back 15 Sec:3rd action" (this will change the button descriptions)
    3. Variable Clear "%PlayMode"
  3. Else
    1. Load App: Podcast Addict (if podcast addict is not loaded the commands will not work)
    2. Send Intent: Action "" (plays the podcast)
    3. Send Intent: Action ""
      1. Extra "msg:Pause Podcast:Back 15 Sec:3rd action" (this will change the button descriptions)
    4. Variable Set: "%PlayMode" to 1
  4. End If

If Statement "TASKERMID"

  1. Send Intent: Action "com.bambuna.podcastaddict.service.player.jumpbackwards

Glance Tasker Controls
List of full podcast addict commands

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