The purpose of this packet is to change "Phone profiles" such as silent, home, work, loud, vibrating comparable to apps on the market such as "Profile Widget" or "Profile Manager" - just better. ;)

Featuring: Auto-load on boot, active phone profile stated as notification and as widget (changing both label and icon) and especially phone profiles as YOU do need them (audio, wifi, GPS, whatever…)
Optionally: Any other action to change profile (gesture, camera button …)

btw: The names and variables I use are sometimes german. Pls do modify them for your own language as needed/wanted.

First of all, download the zipped files attached (or click here), dezip them and copy them over to /sdcard/tasker/tasks and /profiles. Import them in Tasker. Alternatively you can create them manually (which I would not recommend). You might also want to download the icon package OrangeWhitePearlHD as this is the icon package I am using right here. You can change the icon set later on either manually or by the action "Tasker -> Change Icon Set".

You will see following:


"Profil Home" / "Profil Arbeit" / "Profil Laut" / "Profil Lautlos" / "Profil Vibration"

These are the actual, "real" phone profiles to be activated. They consist of following actions (as an example "Profil Arbeit" is shown - the other profiles vary in Variable Set of %PROFIL, Flash Text, Set Icon Widget and volumes):

  1. Variable Set %PROFIL to "Arbeit"
  2. Flash Text "Arbeit"
  3. Silent Mode Off
  4. Media Volume Level 2
  5. Alarm Volume Level 5
  6. Notification Volume 2
  7. Ringer Volume 3
  8. Vibrate On Notify On
  9. System Volume 2
  10. Sound effects On
  11. Set Icon Widget to "Arbeit" Icon, Widget name "Profil Select"

You can add/delete any actions you would like to be involved/excluded from the profile (e.g. you want WiFi to turn on, screen brightness etc.). Important is action Nr. 1, setting the Variable to the appropriate Profile name.
For every profile, please select an appropriate symbol if you want to (suggested). And use the same icon in the last action "Set Icon Widget" accordingly, so that the Widget will show the same icon as in the phone profile menu. The Task properties are standard (nothing changed).

"Profil Select"

In this Task, the task settings are changed to: Task type menu and menu timeout 10 (increase if you want to). It just consists of calling the profiles:

  1. Perfom task "Profil Arbeit": Label "Arbeit"
  2. Perform task "Profil Home": Label "Home"
  3. … … …
  4. Flash text Cancel: Label "Cancel"

The last action (flash text) is needed so both icon and label are shown in the menu. If you delete it, only the icons of the Phone Profiles are shown (as an alternative).


So, now as the tasks are up and not yet running, let's go over to the (imported or created) profiles:

"Profil Notification Click"

Context: Event Notification Click "Profil"
Launched Task priority 10 (lower that if needed)
Task: Perform Task "Profil Select"

"Profil Variable Set"

Context: Event Notification Click "Profil"
Launched Task priority 1
Task: 1. Alarm: Notify "Profil", Text: "%PROFIL"; 2. Set Widget Label of "Profil Select" to %PROFIL
Change the icon of the notification to some you want to see. Set the notification permanent!

"Profil Boot"

Context: Event Device Boot
Launched Task priority 9 (lower that if needed)
Tasks: 1. Perform Task "Profil Home" (or any other Phone Profile); 2. Alarm: Notify "Profil", Text: "%PROFIL", again with "permanent" checked; 3. Set Widget Label of "Profil Select" to %PROFIL

(btw: The 2nd and 3rd actions are just to go sure that the notification and widget are certainly set, indepandant on the profile "Profil Variable Set" - it is like a super-sure initialization of the Phone Profile Changer at boot.)


If you want to have the widget (which changes it's icon and label to the actual phone profile selected), go to your home screen, add a tasker widget and let it call the task "Profil Select". Done! The first time the widget is created it will show the standard icon (question mark) and will be labeled "Profil Select". This changes as soon as the first profile is selected or the phone is rebooted.

What it does

On notification click, "Profil Select" is called showing a menu of the setup phone profiles you can choose including a plain "cancel" button. When a phone profile is chosen, the variable %PROFIL is set and thus, the notification label and widget label are changed to the actual profile. Also the icon of the widget (if there is one) is changed via the according phone profile task itself. At phone boot some standard phone profile is chosen and the notification and widget are set up (the very sure way).


- Use any other context to run "Profil Select" (Camera Button, Gesture)


BR payce! ^^

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