Plug-Ins and 3rd Party Tools

Plug-Ins (for Tasker or Locale)

Tasker Name Market Link Note
ActivityTask ActivityTask Detection of your activity in vehicle, on foot, on bike, still or moving (free)
AirTask AirTask Send notifications to and from Tasker for total remote automation (free)
AlarmPad AlarmPad An alarm clock app with information in context. Comes with action and event plugins. Run tasks when an alarm is triggered, snoozed, dismissed, set or disabled (free/$1.99)
Aqua Mail Aqua Mail Change settings, trigger mail check and message based events in AquaMail, an email client for Internet and Exchange mail (free/$4.95)
Auto Speed Trap Auto Speed Trap Run Speed Trap whenever you want and customize your own warnings (free)
AutoLocation AutoLocation Provides events to react to Geofences and Activities in Tasker!. (7 day trial then $1.29)
AutoRemote AutoRemote Send notifications to and from Tasker for total remote automation ($3.99)
AutoResponder for WhatsApp Pro AutoResponder for WhatsApp Pro Send and receive messages from WhatsApp (Pro required, $3.99)
AutoShortcut AutoShortcut Run any of your installed apps' shortcuts. (free/$0.99)
BlueTask BlueTask Bluetooth automation actions for Tasker (free)
Bluetooth Auto Connect Bluetooth Auto Connect The original Bluetooth Auto Connect. The Swiss Army knife for Bluetooth connections (free)
Bluetooth Detection Bluetooth Detection Detect connections to bluetooth devices or classes of device (trial/$1.29)
C Locker C Locker Innovative, Powerful and Highly customizable Lockscreen. Also contains Tasker Actions (free/$2.49)
CalendarTask CalendarTask Manage your calendar from Tasker (free/$1.00)
Cameraless - Camera Blocker Cameraless - Camera Blocker app Block / Disable all cameras in your mobile device ($2.50)
Change bubble appearance Bubble Cloud Wear Launcher Watchface Android Wear Start tasks from Android Wear watch, feedback plugin to update bubble color/text/location (free/in-app: $0.99 - $4.95 per item)
Change bubble appearance Bubble Cloud Widgets + Folders for phones/tablets Start tasks from phone's homescreen, feedback plugin to update bubble color/text/location (free/in-app: $0.99 - $2.49 per item)
ClockTask ClockTask Set, delete, dismiss and snooze alarm clock from Tasker (free/$1.00)
Cloudpipes Tasker Plugin Cloudpipes Tasker Plugin Access Cloudpipes, a powerful Dropbox automater (free)
ContactsTask ContactsTask Manage your contacts from Tasker (free/$1.00)
csipsimple plugin Tasker Plugin.apk Csimple plugins for tasker (free)
DashClock Widget DashClock Widget A replacement lock screen clock widget for Android 4.2+ phones and tablets. (free)
Easy Voice Recorder Easy Voice Recorder A fun, simple and easy to use audio & voice recorder (free/$3.99)
Execute Locale Execute Plug-in Execute Linux commands (free)
FolderSync FolderSync Sync folders between device and cloud. Supports multiple SkyDrive, Dropbox, SugarSync, Ubuntu One,, LiveDrive, HiDrive, Google Docs, NetDocuments, Amazon S3, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV or windows share (Samba/CIFS) accounts. (free/$2.95)
Fusion tables Fusion Tasker Plugin Update Google Fusion Tables (free/$2)
GeoTask GeoTask Create profiles and task based on your positions (free/$1.29)
Global Vibration Toggle Global Vibration Toggle Enable or disable vibrations system-wide (free/$1.49)
Google Voice Settings Plugin Google Voice Settings Plugin Control which phones in your GV account should ring. ($3.99)
IntentTask IntentTask Send intent, launch app with variables, shortcut, receive intents with share action and process text. (free)
Jiffy - Time Tracker Jiffy-Time Tracker Time tracking that can start/stop tracking from Tasker, and can also act as a trigger input to Tasker whenever a project is started or stopped (free/in-app extensions) - Version 1.5 or higher needed
Locale Activity Plugin Locale Activity Plugin Detect what type of activity the user is engaged in: walking/running, riding a bicycle, driving or riding in a vehicle, or staying still. ($0.99)
Lux Auto Brightness Lux Auto Brightness Automatic Brightness Control/Custom references/Auto Warm Tint/Astonomer/Subzero/Tasker and Locale support (free/$2.98)
MailTask MailTask Send email via Tasker with attachments (free/$1)
Memento Database Memento Database Flexible and easy to use database for Android & Desktop (free/$14.99)
MC-Photo MC-Photo Live Wallpaper Displays photos downloaded from popular photography sites: 500px, Flickr, DeviantART, WikiArt, Instagram and Panoramio. You can use your local albums too. Trigger actions for: Change wallpaper and Load Profile. (free)
MeteoTask MeteoTask Weather plugin for Tasker and Locale compatible apps (free/$1.22)
Minimalistic Text Minimalistic Text Displays information in a minimalistic way. It can be configured to display time, date, battery and weather information. (free/$1.97)
Minutes Text Notes + Sync Minutes Text Notes A feature rich yet lightweight note taking app that syncs to Dropbox with Markdown and MathJax support (pro). (free/$1.49)
Morse Clock Morse Clock Double click your on/off switch and the time will be signaled as vibrations in Morse code. Amateur radio - ham radio ($0.99)
Movement Detection Movement Detection Detect movement types such as driving or walking (trial/$1.29)
MQTT Publisher plugin MQTT Publisher plugin Sends a MQTT message with a user specified topic, payload and QoS, optionally using Tasker variables. Source code available on Github (free)
MyCarTracks Tasker Plugin MyCarTracks Tasker Plugin Action/Condition plugin. Total automation for the MyCarTracks App using Tasker. (free/$1.94)
Myo Tasker Plugin Myo Tasker Plugin Run tasks with a wave of your hand (free)
NFC for Tasker NFC for Tasker Run tasks based on NFC tags and write to the tag via Tasker action. (free/$1.19)
NFC Plugin NFC Plugin Run tasks based on NFC tags. ($1.53)
NFC Starter Plugin NFC Starter Plugin NFC Tag Detection for Tasker (0.99$)
Notification Center for Pebble Notification Center for Pebble Replacement for Pebble's stock Notification app, Open Source. Send notifications to Pebble via Tasker action. (free)
Notification Listener Notification Listener Create event based on notification of other apps based on KitKat API (free/$1.00)
Notifications Reader Notifications Reader Actions to Enable/Disable/Pause/Resume Notifications Reader, read current notifications, and react to Events during text-to-speech output ($2.00)
Powy - Power button shortcuts Powy app Trigger Tasker tasks by pressing the power button N times (FREE)
Pushbullet Pushbullet Send links, pictures, files, lists, notes, and more right into your phone's notification tray, to your computer, or to a friend, really fast. (free)
Pushover Pushover Receive push notifications from a variety of apps and plugins. ($4.99)
QuickTask QuickTask Create your quick settings on android marshmallow and stock UI (free)
remote!SWITCH remote!SWITCH Control your smart home DECT power outlets inside your WiFi. Need to own a Fritz!Box with compatible DECT power outlets. (free)
**RepetiTouch Pro RepetiTouch Pro Record and replay touchscreen and other input. Requires root. ($5.99)
Screen Filter Screen Filter Applies a shade that acts as a dimmer to ensure your eyes don't hurt. (free)
Screenshot Easy Screenshot Easy Take screenshots on almost every device. (free)
Secure Settings Secure Settings Settings/Actions, many performed as ROOT, but not all require root (free)
SecureTask SecureTask security settings/actions without root (free)
Send/Expect Send/Expect Action. Send / Receive TCP data as a client (free).
Send Silent Mail SendSilentMail Send Emails without user-interaction to any email-address ($0.99)
Servers Ultimate Servers Ultimate Run over 60 different servers on your Android device. For example: FTP, SSH, PHP, VPN, MySQL, SMB, DLNA, etc. (feature limited 7 day trial, then $8.99)
Simplepush Simplepush Easiest way to receive push notifications. (7 day trial, then $0.99–$7.49 per item, in-app)
Smoking Log Plus Smoking Log Plus Quit smoking with Smoking Log Plus. ($1.99) (Tasker plugin only available with paid, "Plus", version.)
SwitchBack SwitchBack SwitchBack is a plugin for Tasker or Locale to quickly switch between apps. (free)
Spreadsheet Spreadsheet Spreadsheet is a plugin for updating Google spreadsheets (free)
Synker Synker Control syncing for individual accounts/types of data. (free/$1.99)
Tasker Now Tasker Now The power of Google Now togheter with the power of Tasker. Start your task using the voice and Google Now (free/in-app purchase)
Tasker Plugin for Android Wear Tasker Plugin for Android Wear Start tasks with voice commands from your Android Wear watch, monitor the status of your wearable device, and more. ($0.99)
Tasker Plugin for Tesla Tasker Plugin for Tesla Control your Tesla Model S or Model X with Tasker! ($0.99)
Touchless Notifications Touchless Notifications Pro Speaking full screen notifications: incoming + all active ($2.19)
TouchTask TouchTask Execute tap, long tap, swipe, pinch without root (free)
UiTask UiTask Dialogs and pickers with a stylish UI for Tasker (free/$1.50)
Ultimate To-Do List Ultimate To-Do List A full-featured to-do list app. The Tasker plugin allows for automated to-do item creation and marking of items as complete. You can also trigger actions when a to-to item is completed. ($2.99)
Vibration Clock Vibration Clock Double click your on/off switch and the time will be signaled by a vibration pattern. (free/$0.99)
Weather ACE Tasker Plugin Weather ACE Tasker Plugin Settings/Action/Condition plugin. Allows to get current weather condition, today's weather and tomorrow's weather from Weather ACE application (free)
Web Alert Web Alert Track content on websites for changes and get notifications with the diff; can handle forms, JavaScript, AJAX and logins; allows Tasker to automate website navigation, including inserting Tasker variables into web forms and sending them (free/$3.99)
WiFi Barcode Scanner WiFi Barcode Scanner Turn your phone into a wireless barcode scanner! ($1.99)

3rd Party Tools (Actions/Settings)

Tasker Name/Main page Market Link Note
APNDroid Apndroid Locale plug-in Manage mobile data connection (free)
Astrid Astrid Task/To-do List Task/To-do List (free)
BeyondPod BeyondPod Podcast Manager Podcast manager (free?/trial/$6.99)
DailyRoads Voyager DailyRoads Voyager Make visual record of trips (free)
Due Today Due Today Lite Task/To-do list (free/$2.99)
Gentle Alarm Gentle Alarm Alarm clock (trial/$2.50)
JD APN & JD Status JuiceDefender Reduce battery consumption (free/paid)
NewsRob NewsRob (Google Reader / RSS) Google reader / RSS (free/$5.99)
OfficeTalk Office Talk Microsoft® Office CommunicatorTM IM client (ads/$4.99)
Remote Notifier for Android Remote Notifier for Android Notifications from phone to PC/Mac (free)
SleepBot SleepBot Tracker Sleep tracker (free)
SMS Backup+ SMS Backup + Backup SMS messages (free)
TeslaLED TeslaLED Flashlight Use camera flash as flashlight (free)
WidgetLocker WidgetLocker Lockscreen Add widgets to lockscreen ($2.99)

3rd Party Tools (Events)

Tasker Name/Main page Market Link Note
K9 Mail K-9 Mail An open-source e-mail client with search, IMAP push email, multi-folder sync, flagging, filing, signatures, bcc-self, PGP, mail on SD & more. (free)
Kaloer Clock Kaloer Clock - Night Clock Night clock with alarm (free)
Notify My Android Notify My Android Push notifications to android ($3.49)
OpenWatch OpenWatch Notification utility for Bluetooth Watch (free)
Pomodroido Pomodroido Time-boxing with a side of achievement (free)
Radardroid Radardroid Lite International Warnings of radar speed cameras (free/$7.99)
Reddit Notify Unknown to which app this actually links.
Smid Smid Detects gestures (moving the phone in different patterns or shapes) (free/$1.49)
Screeble / TSC Screebl Lite - Save Power! Battery saving based on device orientation (free/$1.99)
Wake me up! Smart Alarm Wake me up! Smart Alarm A featured packed alarm application. Bundled with a Tasker event plugin which permits to run tasks when an alarm is snoozed or dismissed. (free/$0.98)

Integrated Tools

Tasker Name/Main page Market Link Note
Conjure Conjure Conjure can index and search all of your named Tasker tasks. ($1.99)
File Magic File Magic File manager can call Tasker Action on a File or Directory. Tasker can call it to Browse Files. (free)
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