The poor mans docking station

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If you can't justify the expense of a docking station for your phone (particularly for the N1) then this will do much the same, but better! It turns off unnecessary things and goes into clock mode while it's charging to make itself useful. When unplugged it reconfigures the phone ready for the outside world.

Create a new "State" task.

Choose POWER

For the power source select Any (I'd recommend AC actually, but up to you)

Create these entries:

1. Net —> Wifi —> Set = On

2. Display —> Screen —> Auto Brightness = Off

3. Display —> Screen —> Brightness = 200

4. Net —> Wifi Sleep —> Policy = Never while plugged

5. Misc —> GPS = Off (You don't need it while sitting at your desk)

6. App —> Load App = Clock

7. Misc —> Say —> Text = "Now Charging" (unnecessary, but it amuses me)


Set things up for walking out of the house:

1. Auto Brightness = On
2. Wifi Sleep —> Policy = Screen Off
3. Vibrate On Notify = On
4. Vibrate On Ringer = On
5. GPS = On
6. Ringer Volume = 6
7. Notification Volume = 5
8. System Volume = 7
9. Media Volume = 12
10. Alarm Volume = 6
11. Ringtone = Notification, Sound = (Whatever you like)
12. Wait 500ms
13 Display Brightness = 100 (Auto bright should take over anyway).

There you are, most of the same features as a dock. If you want you can replace the "Clock" app with "Car Home" or something similar if you want to use it in your car, in which case you'll want to NOT disable GPS obviously.

By SteveNZ

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