Power Plug In Mode


This task was produced by a Tasker fan and not the Tasker Developer. It is in no way official or meant to be perfect.. If you have concerns you can open the XMLs first before importing them.I made this for my benefit and needs. I share for your interest.

Apologies but I dont know how to make an all in one download file like Pent does.

+ Prerequisites

I had Googles Car Mode already installed and the car mode option opens that program. If you dont have it - either google it for the APK or download any car mode app from teh market and replace mine task option.

+ Summary

When you plug in your power source - Car or Home power - the phone will pop up a menu and ask you to choose either Car, Home or Night mode

If you choose car mode - does the following
Speaks - Car mode chosen - BT and GPS active
It turns on GPS and BT
Brightens the screen to 100%
Pops up a message on screen
and opens car mode
turns up system and in-car volume settings to about 80%

+ Details


+ Downloads

Apologies but I dont know how to make an all in one download file like Pent does.

Depending on your Browser set up you will have to right click and save as for each of these

For the sake of time

All In One Rar File - Needs an extraction tool like winrar to open
This Zip/Rar file contains all the files below


Download Profile

Power Plug In Task
Car Mode Task
Home Mode Task
Night Mode Task
Menu Mode Task
Standard Mode Task


Download each file to your pc.

Copy the profile task to the /SDCard/Tasker/Profiles folder

Copy the tasks to /SDCard/Tasker/Tasks folder (create this folder)

Go to Tasker on your phone
Go to Tasks
Click Menu - Import and go to the TASKS folder
Import all of the downloaded tasks

Now go to the Profile menu and click menu
Click Profile Data
Import One Profile and import the new one called power plug in

I suggest you click apply and re-open Tasker and everything should be good to go
if you run into problems click below to comment


Created by konradwalsh

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