Purpose of this page

These examples all assume you are using the single profile list view. If you are using the tabbed view (with the icons1 above), click Menu and then Hide Context Selector before starting.

Each entry on this page contains a respective download for it's profile. For walk-throughs and more examples of tasks and profiles view the Step-Through page.


1. Create a new page dedicated to your profile.
2. Add files to the page you newly created about your profile with
NO spaces in filenames, please; always include a DOWNLOAD file on YOUR profile page! Do not add the files on this page
3. Then create a link on this page to your profile page. See the text here for examples.
NOTE: Files added to this page are hard for people interested in your profile to find. Files for your profile should be easy to find. Add your files to the profile page you created in step 1.

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