Quick Calendar

If you are new to SL4A and scripting, take a look at this wiki entry about using SL4A with Tasker.

This python script allows you to use either Speech-To-Text or a passed parameter to create a Google Calendar entry. It uses the Google Calendar QuickAdd feature. For more about QuickAdd, click here.

The script takes the following parameters:

Parameter Required? Description
%EMAIL_USER Yes Your gMail user name, with or without "@gmail.com"
%EMAIL_PSWD Yes Your gMail password
%CAL_SPEECH Yes If this is set (i.e., not empty), the script will prompt you for speech input, and it will display a verification dialog that allows you to approve or edit the calendar entry.
%CAL_REMINDER Yes If this is set, it will be used to set the reminder minutes
%CAL_QUICKADD Yes If %CAL_SPEECH is not set, this string is used as a Calendar QuickAdd. In this case, no verification dialog is presented. If %CAL_SPEECH is set, this parameter is ignored, but it is still required.

To run the script, create a Task (Misc / Run Script) to run QuickCalendar.py, and include the parameters in a comma separated list in the "Pass Variables" section.

Task: QuickCalendar
A1:Run Script [ QuickCalendar.py Terminal:Off Pass Variables: %EMAIL_USER, %EMAIL_PSWD, %CAL_SPEECH, %CAL_REMINDER, %CAL_QUICKADD ]

I'll monitor this thread for questions.

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