Random wallpaper

I made this fairly simple setup to change the background every few minutes. You can attach it to different contexts. I have mine linked to a time context so between 7-midnight it changes the desktop wallpaper.

Before starting this create a number of wallpapers you want to use. I cropped and resized 100 backgrounds I used on my PC to the correct dimensions 960x854.
You then need to rename them to all the same name plus a file number eg. wallpaper1, wallpaper2 etc. I use the excellent program xnview which has a great batch rename/renumber tool for this.
Then copy these somewhere onto your phone's SD card.

Create the context

  • New Context - Time
    • Select a start and end time eg. 7am to 11:55 pm

Add Action

  • Add action type Variable - Variable Randomize
    • Name %RANDOM
    • Min = 1 Max = (number of different backgrounds you have)
  • Add action type Display - Set Wallpaper
    • Navigate to where your wallpapers are stored. Where the wallpaper number is change to %RANDOM eg. dcim/100ANDRO/wallpapers/wallpaper%RANDOM.jpg
  • Add action type Task - Wait
    • Choose an interval 15 mins for example
  • Add action type Task - Goto Action
    • Number = 1
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