Record Phone Calls

by Joeviocoe

This is a major revision of Shantanu Goel's infamous
"Call Recording With Android App Tasker On Nexus One"
found here:

Download zip file, Extract to "/SDCard/Tasker/" directory on Phone, Import all 12 files into Tasker app, disable profile "Call Recording - 2"

Download -

  • This has been tested on the HTC Nexus One and should work with all other Android 2.1+ phones.
  • Root access not required.

Context and Trigger:

1. During a "Call in Progress", Tasker will look for a gesture:

Hold Vertically, then horizontally with screen facing up… repeat twice.

Basic Tasks:

1. Prompts the user to record via 2 methods:

a) Via the microphone (captures ONLY the user's audio)

This is great for recording things like numbers and addresses during a phone call. No more fumbling to find a pen and paper, or trying to open a text editor app on the phone. Just start the recoding, and repeat back the important stuff.

b) Via the speakerphone (captures both user and distant end audio)

USE WITH CAUTION! If recording from the speakerphone, there will be a voice disclaimer warning the distant end that "This call is being recorded".

Speakerphone MUST be used on most devices to capture the distant end audio since HTC does not allow direct capture of the call stream for legal reasons.

2. Prompts user to end call recording.

Popup will display. Clicking the title of the popup will also stop the recording. Recording will continue as long as this popup is displayed and the call remains "In Progress".

3. Saves the audio clip into a 3gp file on your SD card.

This file will be located in a subfolder named "Recorded" using the caller number, date, and time stamps as the filename.

4. Allows the user to playback the last recorded audio clip from the notification bar.

At the end of recording, a notification icon will be displayed in the notification bar. Upon clicking this notification, the last recorded audio clip will be played. A popup will also be displayed allowing the user to repeat the audio clip (click Play), close the popup (click the title of popup) or cancel the playback (click cancel). The notification icon will not be removed until manually cleared by the user using the "clear" button in the notification drop down.

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