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This is a simple method to record either incoming or outgoing phone calls through the phone's software. I have tested it fairly extensively with my phone (toro Galaxy Nexus running AOKP build 4 and Franco Kernel), and it works like a dream. I hadn't seen anything for recording calls that was very recent, so I made my own, and honestly I'm pretty proud of it. The only problem that I have seen is that if the phone call is on speakerphone, it will not record anything.


1. Make sure "Beginner Mode" is disabled

2. Download and import as a project (import by first swiping down on Tasker main screen to reveal project tabs, long click on a project tab, and click import)

3. (Optional) Download File Magic (a file manager). You may already have a file manager, but this one gives you additional funtionality within Tasker. I recommend it, if only for this profile

4. Create "Recorded Calls" file. (If you don't want to change anything in my profiles and tasks, create the folder /mnt/sdcard/Recorded Calls/ . Otherwise, you're going to have to change several profiles, including "Stop Recording Call", "Listen to Recorded Call", "Record Call?", "Recorded Call Name", and maybe others. Take my advice, if you want this setup, just create a folder /mnt/sdcard/Recorded Calls/

5. Create Variables %RECORDING, %CALLIN, and %CALLOUT, set all to 0

6. You're done


All of the profiles run off of Notification Click and in the status bar. e.g. When a call comes in, or when you're ringing out, the first profile "Record Call" will activate, and will ask in the status bar if you would like to record the call. If you click that notification, the second profile "Record Call?" will activate (sorry about the confusing punctuation), etc.

File manager needs to be installed only for the last profile to work, which allows you to click on a notification and be led to the file where the recordings are stored.

I've noticed that the coding needs to be slightly different depending on the phone that you use. The only thing that I can recommend is that you change the settings in the Profile "Record Call?". Open up the tasks "Call In" and "Call Out" and change the settings for Source, Codec, Format, etcetera.

I hope everything was explained clearly enough. Like I said before, this has worked perfectly for me, so I hope that it may for you as well.

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