Reddit top image to wallpaper



This project runs on 2 different schedules: every 3h from 7:00 to midnight and every 30 minutes if the display is on and the battery > 30%.

The task gets the JSON for the top post on a subreddit, parse it (in a terrible way, feel free to contribute) and obtains the url to the image. If this image is not the last one set as a wallpaper by this project then downloads it, sets it as a wallpaper and stores the url for further comparison.

You may want to change the subreddit (I was using /r/pics but /r/iWallpaper has images that better fit phones) on the first action of the task.

You may want to adjust the times and intervals at which it triggers under profiles.

Refactor names to be more generic.
Better JSON parsing (JS?).
Store and compare the JSON we receive directly from Reddit so that it doesn't has to manipulate strings if the post is the same of the last run.
Use a generic icon for the project.

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