Ringer Profile Tasks

Tasker will do a ton of things, but the initial configuration can be daunting. This walk through will show you how to create ringer tasks and put them into a menu that can be used on the Android launcher. The instructions imply clicking the + in the lower left to get to the categories.

Open Tasker and select Tasks
Select New and enter Default as your task name

The Default task will contain the default state that you want your device to be in when no other profiles are active. This can include anything including volumes, tones, and network states. Let keep it simple and then you can modify the tasks later to add extra items to it.

Select the Audio Category, Ringer Volume and the default volume you want. Click Done when complete

The volume can be as soft or loud as you would like. You now have one item in your default list. Continue adding items as you see fit. Some items you may want in your list could include: Alarm Volume, Vibrate modes, Ringer Volume, Bluetooth, Wifi and GPS states.

One thing to keep in mind. If you reference an option in another ringer task you may want to reference it here and set it to the state you want to default to. This will make sure that everything gets set as you want it. Before you click done, click the ? in the lower right corner and select the icon that you want to use with this profile. When you are finished with the task click Done.

Click Tasks, New
Enter Quiet for your 2nd ringer task
Select the Audio Category
Set the ringers and volumes to zero
Set the Vibrate Notifications to on
Set the icon for this task
Click Done
Click Tasks, New
Enter Menu for the task name
Press back to close the categories
In the lower right corner select the options, the wrench and screwdriver icon
Change your task type to Menu
Select Done
Click the +
Select Tasker, Perform Task, Long-Click and select the Default task, click Done
Click the +
Select Tasker, Perform Task, Long-Click and select the Quiet task, click Done

Once you have selected your two tasks in the menu select Done.

Go to the home menu of your launcher
Long click and select Widget
Scroll down and select Task
Select Menu from the drop-down menu
Click Make Widget

Now when you click on your widget you'll have a pop-up menu that you can select your ringer tasks. To add items to this menu add your tasks as before and then add them to your menu task. Once they are added to your menu task they will show up in your menu automatically.

Some other ideas for ringer profiles could be, Silent, Work, and/or Home.

Tip: The ringer tasks can be used in Profiles also. You can setup a profile to have the Quiet task active from 11pm to 8am and have the exit as the Default task.

Check out the Advanced tab for adding feedback when a profile is selected and setting permanent notifications in the drop down menu.

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