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This is a basic running task that is designed to be started manually (i.e. via a shortcut on your home screen). The goal of this app is to help you run at the speed you want to.

Startup tasks are as follows:

  • Asks for your target run speed
  • Autostarts grooveshark

Main Body of task:
It just keeps checking your speed and computing the difference between your current running speed and the target speed you entered when you started.

If, at any point, you are more than .5 km/h off of your target speed (either above or below), it will speaks your current speed to you over and over until you are back within that .5km/h.

Exit Tasks:

  • If, at any point, you drop below 3km/h, it speaks "warning: stopping"
  • It then waits 60 seconds to be sure you are actually stopping and not just taking a quick breather or possibly having trouble with your GPS signal, etc.
  • If you are still below 3km/h after 60s, it speaks "Stopped" & the task exits
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