Scenes: GUI to control stolen/ lost phone with Avast Antitheft

Hi All,

Have you got Avast Anti-Theft installed on your phone and ever lost it?
Would you remember the SMS commands you can issue from another phone to remotely block your phone, or have the siren go off or (in a worse case scenario) remotely wipe your phone?

I have had this happen to one of my family members who had Avast Anti-Theft installed.
In such a case you want to be sure that you can intuitively control the lost/ stolen phone and don't have to spend precious time trying to find out what the available commands were and how use them.

Also if someone else, who is less tech savvy, has to issue the commands for you it can be quite a daunting experience.

Therefore I devised a set of scenes which creates an intuitive Graphic User Interface for controlling the lost/ stolen phone without having to know the actual commands.

I have added the project as an .xml. But also as an apk which you can install apart from Tasker
The scenes were created on a Samsung Galaxy Note with 800x1200 resolution and Android 4.0.3.
The app also works on a Huawei 8800 with 400-800 resolution and Android 2.2.

.xml version of the project
Installable apk version of the project

Enjoy and let me know if it works out for you (moc.liamg|37gninetil#moc.liamg|37gninetil).

Functions used in project:
- If Functions
- Setting and querying variables
- Creating various types of scenes
- Creating tasks
- Sending SMS
- Also added possibility to enter up to 4 of your own presets.

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