Set brightness wile your phone is ringing

Here a task which sets your screen brightness fully bright while your phone rings.

1. Make up a new profile, context: State: Phone Ringin, priority normal -> done.
2. Add tasks:
3. Variable: Variable Set: Name: %BRIGHTWAS To: %BRIGHT
4. Variable: Variable Set: Name: %PHONEWASRINGING To: ON
5. Display: Display Brightness: Level: 254

6. Make up another new profile, context: State: Phone Idle, priority normal -> done.
7. Add Tasks:
8. Display: Display Brightness: (Klick the "+") %BRIGHTWAS
9. Variable: Variable Clear: Name: %BRIGHTWAS
10. Variable: Variable Clear: Name: %PHONEWASRINGING

What it does:
The first profile gets active when your phone rings. The task creates a variable with your actual screenbrightness (%BRIGHTWAS). Then your screen is set to full brightness (254 because 255 would mean "auto brightness"). The Variable PHONEWASRINGING is used to be sure that the phone was really ringing (used in the second task).

The second profile gets active when your phone is idle. This means you missed or finished the call. The task sets your screenbrightness back to your "old" brightness. But only if your phone was really ringing, and not when u started the phone (PHONEWASRINGIN Variable). After that the useless variables %BRIGHTWAS and %PHONEWASRINGIN are deleted.

I hope you can use my first Step Through, and that you could understand my english.


Instead of using a second profile to detect when the phone is idle, you could actually just create the second set of tasks and apply as exit tasks to the single profile.

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